Our mission is to “empower the mind, body and soul” for families in Trenton, NJ. We inspire self-responsibility, self-awareness and self-confidence through educational and personal instruction.


To be the number one Trenton based organization that inspire a passion for learning in our community.



HelpSelf teaches creative learning strategies that strengthen the skills of Trenton students to ensure that they able to be moreproductive citizens after high school.

Health & Fitness

HelpSelf focus on developing a healthier mental, physical and social well-being of every family that we serve.


We believe that changing the mindset of everyone who enters into our program directly transform the whole community.


HelpSelf works together with the community as one unit to complete a desire task in a timely manner to maximize the best desire result.


Empower the Mind, Body and Soul!

Founder, Pastor Janet L. Campbell

In 2002, HelpSelf, Inc. of Trenton, NJ was established as a 501(c)(3) program by Pastor Janet L. Campbell and the late Assistant Pastor Diane R. Jones. In December 2016, Dr. Lawrence M. Boyd, III became Executive Director of HelpSelf CDC where his wife, Natasha Boyd also serves as Vice President.

Other programs that HelpSelf CDC hosts include:

  • Generation Summer Camp: An eight-week camp that serves 30 inner-city youth. The low-cost program includes field trips, mentoring, learning and healthy food options.
  • Tutoring & mentoring program: Participating students receive educational assistance, effective life skills and fitness training Monday through Friday from 3:00  – 6:30 p.m. The program reaches high-risk, inner-city youth through music therapy, community service, academic enrichment, and counseling.
  • Nutrition education & Fitness Classes: Participants engage in fun, physical fitness by enjoying the camaraderie of team sports (football or basketball). The aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle of physical wellness.
  • Monthly community meals and care basket giveaways
  • Clothing Giveaways
In honor of co-founder, the late Assistant Pastor Diane R. Jones